The 180 king to the oche please…

Another double for today which I’m hoping will win as easily as yesterdays and if you have followed any of my darts selections before you could probably guess where I’m going with this today.

The 180 KING Devon Peterson is back at the oche against Martijn Kleermaker who had a huge win yesterday against Rob Cross. Big Dev is one of the most exciting darts players to watch at the moment and his big scoring is one of the reasons why. This is a slightly longer format today as the games are best of 19 legs as opposed to best of 11, which makes our chances even better as the more throws a player has the more they should hit their average 180s. Looking back at both players matches recently at the 11 leg format, Peterson has gone 4,1,7,6,2 on the 180s which gives him an average of 4 per match and Kleermaker has gone 1,2,2,0,4 giving him an average of 1.8 and I only expect the longer format to help Devon here, who hit 8 in 14 legs against MVG in the Grand Prix.

The second half of the double looks at the nine dart hero from yesterday, Jose De Sousa who is known for his big hitting. He does have a habbit of letting me down because he can be erratic with his scoring but over this longer format i expect him to win the most 180s here. In his last 5 matches over the 11 leg format he has hit 3,1,7,3,2 giving him an average of 3.2 180s, and his opponent Jonny Clayton has hit 1,2,1,2,1 giving him an average of 1.4 (figures taken from his last 5 European & Home Tour matches which are the same format just a lot more recent)

Sky Bet Double:

Devon Peterson Most 180s

Jose De Sousa Most 180s

2 point win 6/5

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