Get ready for some offense, Ya’ll! In my opinion this is the must watch game of the 6pm slate. Two high powered offenses go head to head at Jerry World and with both teams at 0-1 there will be a real fear of falling behind the pack for whichever team leaves here 0-2.

The Falcons lost to the Seahawks in week 1 in a game that looked closer on the scoreboard than it was in reality but they were able to move the ball through the air (which is to be expected when you look at their offense, check out the NFC South preview for more on that) although the majority of their points came in the 4th quarter of a game they were beaten in (otherwise known as garbage time) but throwing for 450 yards and having 3 receivers go over 100 yards receiving is pretty impressive however you cut it. Todd Gurley had a TD in his first back in ATL but struggled to get going averaging just 4 yards a carry and I expect a similar stat line for him in this one.

The Cowboys I’m sure feel aggrieved at the way they lost to the LA Rams on Sunday night, driving late in the 4th, it’s 3rd & 10, down by 3, Dak completes a bomb downfield to Michael Gallup who after beating Jalen Ramsey is then taking down around the 15… flag on the play, offensive pass interference! (I’m not going to get into it too much here but go on YouTube and watch it) if the play stands as it should have done the Cowboys would’ve at least tied that game but most likely taken the lead with the form Zeke Elliot was in. The offense looked as good as an offense can look in only putting 17 on the board I suppose but the biggest problem for me was the seemingly non existent offensive line, there seemed to constantly be Rams in and around Dak Prescott and UDFA Right Tackle, Terence Steele was victimised when the Rams really needed a stop on defense he was their target up front, thankfully for Steele and the Cowboys they wont have to deal with Aaron Donald in this matchup and therefore I expect them to fair better here. On defense they struggled initially against the Rams as Sean McVay schemed up some very nice plays off of the Outside Zone Run scheme, an offensive line which would penetrate and slide was impressive and allowed the Rams to sell the run and work some nice play action roll out passing offense but once the Cowboys familiarised themselves with what the Rams were trying to do and how they were doing it the flow steadied and Dallas were able to get some disruptors into the backfield, Aldon Smith had a huge 4th quarter Sack on 3rd down which swung the momentum with the Cowboys before it was ultimately taken from them by the officials, what a pick up he could turn out to be after so many years out of the league. I doubt the Dallas defense will be as taken aback early on by what the Falcons want to do though as the whole league knows they’re looking to air the ball out… Stopping it is another proposition all together though. 

I’m excited to watch this game as it should be a fun one, I expect the Falcons to again post some big numbers through the air but they rarely score the points their passing offense deserves and I think they’ll come up just short again here. 

As for our best bet I’m to combine two winning bets from week 1, we told you Todd Gurley and Zeke Elliot would find pay dirt in their openers and I like them both to do the same here against defenses which gave up two TD’s each to RB’s in week 1.


BEST BET: Ezekiel Elliot & Todd Gurley to score Anytime TD’s @ 9/4 with SkyBet. 1 point bet.

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