Someone want to tell me exactly what the Jets are doing? They trade their best player in the offseason and have released their best offensive weapon, Le’Veon Bell whilst their inept Head Coach Adam Gase somehow still has a job even though the Jets are 0-5 and haven’t looked like winning a game. This Jets side are having to start Joe Flacco at QB and Frank Gore at RB like it’s 2012. They’re awful on offense and not much better on defense. I won’t be surprised if they go 0-16.

The Dolphins are coming off the back of absolutely dominating the Niners in a game that Ryan Fitzpatrick showed everyone why Tua is still riding the bench and look I can talk until I’m blue in face about stats here but it’s pretty simple, the Dolphins are a franchise doing things the right way and on an upward trajectory whilst the Jets are a mess.


BEST BET: MIAMI DOLPHINS to win outright – 1/4 with SkyBet. 2 point bet.

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